Bows and Arrows

For a brief time as a teenager, I wanted to take up archery as a hobby. So, my family bought a cheap bow and a few arrows, but because we lived in the suburbs, I wasn’t able to practice very often — and because of that, I’m now 26 years old and definitely not an […]

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A Resolution to Rest

It seems like our lives are often dominated by busyness. And around this time of year, when our New Year’s resolutions are at the front of our minds, it’s easy to tell ourselves that there’s more that we need to take on. The truth is that often, the mindset of needing to do more isn’t […]

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Being Called

A lot of us would like to know what’s next for us in life. We’d like to know where we’re going to work and live, if we’ll ever get married, how much money we’ll make, and have the answers to a million other questions we have. It would be great to know all the steps […]

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Community Stinks

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “Christian community”? Prayer? Bible studies? Free food? I bet you didn’t think about death, did you? Take a look at John 11:33-43. In this passage, Jesus has come to a pair of sisters named Mary and Martha, whose brother, Lazarus, has passed away. There are […]

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Souvenirs, Salt, and Light

I’ve spent the past few months working on a new book called The Great Revival: Reflections for When God is Doing a New Thing.  I’m excited about it and really do believe it holds a great message for people who have found themselves in rough patches. This morning, I’ve been thinking back to a trip I went on […]

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